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So I’ve decided with summer coming and it being a new year, that I will start a new section just to talk about or share yummy, sweet, food ideas. It can be for a meal or for a snack! I’m a mom of 3 so it is hard to always eat and snack healthy. It seems like I grab and go half of my day. So in this new year along with spend more quality time with my kids, I want to also eat healthier with them!

There are a lot of healthy food Instagram sites, with so many pretty pictures, but rarely do they tell you what’s in the pretty picture! I follow food_ideass on Instagram who not only posts pretty pictures of yummy creations, but also attaches what’s in those creations. So far this is the only person I’ve found that does that on Instagram, so if you have anyone that you follow that also does this please share!

It’s important to me to at least try to weed out some of the bad fast choices in foods this year and replace it with healthy new fast ideas! Summer calls for lots of fruit and veggies and light meals since were out in the Texas heat all day exploring and enjoying! I have a great new food saver system I’m aching to use! I’ll be planting a garden with the kids to grow some of our own veggies and learn about different plants on this long four day weekend we have. I also plan to make healthy frozen foods and smoothies for the kids on the hot days (which is everyday in the summer in Texas)!

So feel free to post links or suggest Instagram followers! Id like the ideas so be meals that can be cooked in 30 min or less, any crockpot ideas, snacks, frozen treats, smoothies, especially anything that can be done ahead of time that we can grab at later! Also kid friendly ideas please, I would like to be able to prep and cook these with my kids!

I stay off Pinterest just because it has so much information. I find myself very distracted and my whole day is gone when I finally seem to look up from my computer! I will make a special section just for fun healthy ideas along with attaching pictures of what it should look like in the end

3 thoughts on “Yummy to My Tummy

  1. Reply Mom Jan 16,2014 3:39 pm

    Great idea 🙂

  2. Reply Katie Jan 17,2014 4:00 pm

    SparkRecipes is a good and free app. They have versions for both iphone/android.

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