Room Make-Over Continues…. 2

Will I ever finish my daughters room make over?!!!! Well things are comming together a litte better! Furniture is flowing in and im getting the decorations and accessories as I find them on sale. Todays big project was distressing a picture frame, since her furniture is the shabby-chic off white distressed look, and making it into a functioning chalk board calendar. This way she can keep up with her busy schedule this year in jr. high….ekkkkkkkkk😱 Here is a picture of the after, I came up with the idea as the girls and I walked through Hobby Lobby searching for cool accents to match our theme, not to mention they always have a great coupon online for 40% off of one item ………………..


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  1. Reply Benton Aug 9,2015 2:35 pm

    Amazing hard working mother/woman that gives life no choice but to prosper… Cheers!..

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