Three Little Pieces of Me 1

Three Little Pieces of Me
So for this Memorial Day weekend, me and my three will be enjoying the lake, parades, and each other! Although we cannot be at the beach, it is always on our mind! This photo of us was taken by a great group of professionals, whom we were blessed to meet and be apart of their ...

One Way Flight 1

One Way Flight
Last time to fly for a while, summer is here and so will all 3 kids which means, I’ll be busy with them. Delta always does me right I have to say, I’ll always use them!! Headed to Atlanta , even in this bumpy weird wet weather:) Hope all the mothers out there have a ...

A little R&R

A little R&R
So I’ve been working hard since the kids started school cleaning and organizing my house. Buying new furniture and reorganizing my bedroom. It has been the last room on my list to decorate! But I took a nice sunny day last week and drove my jet ski to the island on our lovely lake! I ...
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