So it’s Thanksgiving and instead of a post about food, sales, work out secrets, I’ll just say enjoy your Family.. Friends … Neighbors….and Food ! The best memories are made in the moment! From me and my three … Gobble Gobble ! Share this:TwitterEmailLike this:Like Loading...

Light Summer Eats 2

Light Summer Eats
So I’ve been on a veggie kick lately and have been eating light healthy foods, especially because it’s already very hot outside! This is a fully loaded sweet potato! All the great fillings of a regular baked potato, but much healthier and lighter! This one I’m so proud of because I got to use some ...

Three Little Pieces of Me 1

Three Little Pieces of Me
So for this Memorial Day weekend, me and my three will be enjoying the lake, parades, and each other! Although we cannot be at the beach, it is always on our mind! This photo of us was taken by a great group of professionals, whom we were blessed to meet and be apart of their ...
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