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So it’s my first time to Chicago and I thought it would be a great place to spend New Years. I flew Delta, which of course I had a fast wonderful flight there. And look who I ran into at the Atlanta airport… Joking ..Derek and I planned this trip for our Christmas/New Years gifts:)

20140111-121648.jpgLove flying Delta, they never disappoint me!

Upon arriving we hitched a taxi ride to our hotel the W – Chicago City Centerwww.starwoodhotels.com, and proceeded to be amazing by the wonderful room! It’s located right in the famous loop downtown where you can find a variety of things to do that include shopping, food, and fun attractions.

After unloading our stuff Derek and I decided to go eat dinner! A little early, but all that traveling makes you hungry and I had to see snow! It was falling at that point and I was so excited to get out in it! We decided to eat at Giordano’s Pizza, it was only a short block walk away! So we dressed warm and headed out for food! By far they had the most amazing pizza from the trip!

We started with the Greco Roman Salad, and a pitcher of Stella while we waited for our Chicago classic small pizza to arrive! The Salad was amazing and the pizza was even more so! A small filled us both up with some left over! We received great service and it was a perfect start to the trip! It also turns out I can order their pizza at home as they ship nation wide!! So now I can share this yummy pizza at home with my kids!Link or order a piece of Chicago where you live!

After eating it was dark so we walked the streets a bit to work off the pizza and checked out a few stores on the loop before heading back to the hotel. We also snapped a few pics in front of a monument, you may have seen it in Ferris Buellers Day Off.


20140110-135445.jpg It is so big it’s hard to see where we stood next to it! We also decided to check out the bar downstairs at the hotel to have a few drinks and talk about what our adventure would be the next day. It just so happens we ran into a celebrity at the bar. I kept giving him the once over trying to remember his name, with some help I discovered it was Kevin Nealon! Awesome first night for sure!


The next day we set off on foot to see all the monuments we could and take in some more good pizza with our gift certificate Christmas present. Teeth chattering we made it over to Millenium Park and saw The Cloud Gate Monument it was a must! It’s amazing!


20140110-140255.jpg From there we headed to eat pizza at Lou Malnatis, who’s famous pizza has been featured on the food network. It was a long walk in freezing temperatures but we made it, and I was ready to defrost my poor frozen body! We ordered a small Malnati Chicago Classic along with their house salad, which is served family style. The salad is amazing and so is the dressing they make and put all over it. The service was also great! I got that true family feeling sitting in their restaurant, as it had a small dining area, it’s truly a one of a kind experience.


We ended this day by standing on top of the city.. well on the 103 rd floor of the Willis Tower Sky Deck





This is a must do if you are ever in Chicago!!!! It gives you an amazing view of the city from all angles! The line was long so I suggest going early, or if your seeing several things in Chicago on your trip get the city pass, you skip the long lines. That is also a good idea if you have kids with you! We finished this day off with some more shopping as the snow kept falling. I saw this as my chance to make a snow angel, my very first ever!!!





20140111-125142.jpg I also managed to find a hot dress at Macys for New Years Eve!

We spent New Year’s Eve ordering breakfast in …

20140111-125359.jpg This was going to be a late night so rest and carbs before hand are very important!!! The rest of the day we ran errands and found out that target sells liquor, Awesome! Time to get dressed and ring in the New Year at the JW Marriott across the street followed up by The Hard Rock Cafe til 4 am! They also had a pre New Year’s Eve party at Sound Bar, all three tickets for entry were included in the New Years Eve 2014 soirée. Chicago New Years Eve Party. Since it was snowing still I was glad we were just walking across the street to start the night off!






20140111-132803.jpg Both parties we’re amazing and a tun of fun!

The next day was all about relaxing … Plus it was still snowing pretty good so we spent it watching movies. We also spent it packing, but it turns out our flights were cancelled the next day so our vacation was extended … Thank you Mother Nature! We ate dinner at a great place called Millers Pub and Restaurant, which had amazing food all around, not to mention is open til 4 am!



This place has been around a long time too! Lots of celebs have visited and eaten here!

The next morning we hopped the train right to the airport….

And thankfully made our way home with only small delays.

Chicago is a great place to spend a holiday or just to visit. There is so much to do that there is no way you can fit it all in one trip. Next time I think we’ll go in the spring when it’s a tiny bit warmer!!!!

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  1. Reply Mom Jan 12,2014 7:02 pm

    Love the pictures glad The Lord blessed you with a safe trip

  2. Reply meganran Jan 15,2014 9:30 pm

    Thank you mom it was a blast!

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