Light Summer Eats 2

So I’ve been on a veggie kick lately and have been eating light healthy foods, especially because it’s already very hot outside!

This is a fully loaded sweet potato! All the great fillings of a regular baked potato, but much healthier and lighter!

This one I’m so proud of because I got to use some of my fresh garden ingredients! I added cucumber,garden cherry tomatoes, red onion, Avocado, splash of lemon juice, splash of balsamic vinegar, a shake of garlic salt, and a dash of house Italian dressing, and topped it off with tomato basil feta cheese! It was so yummy! It would go great as a side to any BBQ main dish, or just as a late night snack like I had it. You could even wrap it and make it for lunch. The feta cheese really made it a hearty dish! I’m sure you could mix any of your favorite veggies and it would be amazing! Perfect cool dish to eat after a long day on the lake like we had yesterday!

We got a little sun burned, or I did, but we enjoyed the island our lake has! Anything on the water is fun no matter how crowded! Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone, especially those who protect and serve this country so we can live freely to enjoy all the pleasures it provides! Thank you!



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  1. Reply mom May 26,2014 12:56 pm

    Looks like some good meal ideas and fun in the sun! Cool waters make for a refreshing day. Love mom

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