Football is in Season


So I spent another successful Saturday watching my two favorites teams play! The Aggies my little jack is on, and the Wolverines my oldest son Jessie is on. This Saturday we ended up with wins on both teams, rain, mud, and fun! That’s what the sport is about win or loose! I even brought my daughter along to cheer them into a win!!!! I always have to choose clothing that shows my team spirit but is practical and appropriate for the day!

I chose to wear my American Eagle shorts that are super comfy. They went with both team shirts I wore, and even kept me looking great when it was rainy and muddy! On the last game I paired it with my silky smooth Modcloth blue v-neck shirt($20), a super score! This shirt feels so good on my skin, fits like a glove, and you can’t beat the price! I also brought along my favorite blue Modcloth bag easy to sling across my body as I lug football gear to and from my car.

By the way after the Wolverines won, their coach dove in a big mud puddle as promised!!

It was an epic day … So I thought I’d add some pictures to put everyone in their favorite teams spirit! Now were ready for Sunday football!!!!! (Go Texans)!!!!!





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