Food Saving Fun 

So I’m obsessed with my food saver! This is the perfect time to preserve and deep freeze some fresh sweet fruits! We all know in the winter time fruit just doesn’t taste as good, this awesome saver is the answer! I start by washing my kids favorite fruits; strawberries, black berries, and blueberries! I’ll wash them up and pop them in the fridge for the kids to snack on for 48 hours. After that time I take the rest and put them into the freezer overnight so they keep their shape in the food saver bags. The next morning I separate my fruits into smaller groups, perfect for snacks or smoothies. I get out my food saver and put the frozen fruit into each different Baggie. Slide the baggy into my food saver and in about 45 seconds my fruit is sealed and ready for the deep freeze. I label all my yummy treats so I can always put the newest ones on the bottom of the pile. This also will help come football season and I’m playing taxi to two boys all night. My frozen meals and fruits are easy to thaw and have quick homemade yummy nutritious dinners. It also helps to have soups ready to eat in case I have a sick child home and an empty fridge. I recommend freezing everything you want to add to your freeze saver bags, trust me it saves time! I stack mine in the fridge and then preserve and drop them in the deep freeze on the same day. So this is perfect for all the weekly preppers out there! Plus with all the air out you don’t get freezer burn and your food is good for up to two years! Can’t beat that! Here’s a picture of all my freezer preps I did this week!  


Here I’ve even prepped bacon into smaller portions for breakfast and some for crock pot meals. I use the meat saver bags for my meats( those I don’t freeze before hand). Instead of eating left overs forever, take the rest freeze it into meal portions, no more wasting yummy food! The Food Saver is also so easy to clean if you happen to get some juices sucked into it. This device saves you time and money…. So I like to say.. Kid tested, Mother approved!👍🏻👍🏻 Mother’s Day is on its way, this is a perfect gift!!!🎁

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