Light Summer Eats 2

Light Summer Eats
So I’ve been on a veggie kick lately and have been eating light healthy foods, especially because it’s already very hot outside! This is a fully loaded sweet potato! All the great fillings of a regular baked potato, but much healthier and lighter! This one I’m so proud of because I got to use some ...

More Yummy Food Ideas 4

More Yummy Food Ideas
Here are two great food ideas and one great app to carry along with you! Semi-Homemade Chicken Soup: 30 minutes or less to make 1. Bring two big boxes of chicken broth to a boil adding in these spices; salt, pepper, garlic salt, vegetable seasoning, natures all purpose seasoning. Taste the broth and add to ...

Yummy to My Tummy 3

Yummy to My Tummy
So I’ve decided with summer coming and it being a new year, that I will start a new section just to talk about or share yummy, sweet, food ideas. It can be for a meal or for a snack! I’m a mom of 3 so it is hard to always eat and snack healthy. It ...
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