Are We Having Fun Yet

Tick tock, Santa is coming…. Are you ready? I’m not my closet is full of stuff to wrap or build before the big day! I say build because if I build it they will come….. And I’ll be happy Christmas morning that I’m not building toys for 3. Yes I just build the big ones, this year I have two ….

IMG_0439.JPG This one comes built just have to add the flag and yes it totally looks fun! Spinner shark does 360s and it even has breaks! All of my kids already have helmets so this one is a must on their list, even for my 11 year old daughter(soon to be 12 as she reminds me). I also cannot wait to try it out as I fit in the weight limit! That’s a must too because I want to enjoy their toys with them outside as much as they enjoy them!

My next big toy is the green machine which I totally bought in blue and teal. This bike is so fun and spins in 180s ! I have 3 to build, but that’s ok because they look fun and I know with the two toys I’ll at least be on one of them Christmas morning enjoying all the fun along side my kids! I got the green machines at Walmart online and they totally matched the price for me so I got each of them for only $77 dollars, which on Amazon in these colors they were $150!


I cannot wait for the big day! A lot of work goes into it so I’m also buying some of the food from my local BBQ restaurant so I can spend more time enjoying and not cooking. I will however cook some stuff because that’s just a must! Cooking and Christmas go hand in hand! So from my family to yours we Wish You A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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