April showers ☔️bring May flowers💐?!

Well with all this record rain we have had in Texas, I sure hope it brings lots of flowers and sun for the summer! When it rains I can think of nothing better to do than catch up on inside to-do lists. No one wants to be inside when it’s nice out anyways! So the past few weeks I have updated the Lighting in my bathroom( which I’ve been wanting to do for years, it just took that long to find the right light/fan combo). And I found an amazing buy at an online store I have not used until now, Menards .This ceiling fixture fits the bathroom perfect, it’s remote controlled, and has 3 different fan settings! All good things come to those who wait…. right?!!!!!!! And it just so happens it matches my bathroom design. I think it was just out there waiting for me to find it patiently. And I did! 

Next up I bought a cheap, but easy to cook on and maintain BBQ pit. I’ve been through so many over the years… what’s the point of breaking the bank on one?! I also bought a cover for it to keep it dry in all this rain. So on one of our few sunny days, we did our first summer cook out on it! I just love to BBQ, it’s says family and friends and fun all over it(and a full belly) 🙌🏻 Here’s what we grilled…..

The kids jumped in to clean it after we were done! I made a healthy side dish with Alvacados, diced tomatoes,cucumbers with a splash of lime juice, garlic salt and cilantro. It was delicious! In Texas we love barbque!!!! 

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